For the first time ever, the world champion of StarCraft 2 is a non-Korean player

The World Championship Series for StarCraft 2 has just ended and for the first time ever, the world champion in this strategy game is not a Korean player. The best StarCraft 2 players for 2018 is the Finnish player Serral.

Serral was able to beat all of his opponents comfortably with his Zerg forces. In the final match he faced Stats (Protoss player). Serral was able to take three wins in a row until Stats started his counter-attack. However, and while stats was able to win two matches, Serral was won the sixth match and beat Stats by 4-2.

This is a huge moment for StarCraft 2 as in this game the Korean players have been dominant in the past. Special, another non-Korean player was able to make it to Top8 but was unable to proceed to the Top4.

Now I don’t know if any of you are fans of this strategy game but I really love watching Pros playing it. I can’t ever be as good as them and I’ve seen some pretty incredible things that I thought were impossible. You obviously need to know the basics of StarCraft 2 in order to enjoy such matches but man, these guys are simply incredible.

Below you can find the grand finals of the WCS StarCraft 2018 event!