Alan Wake feature 2

For Honor and Alan Wake will be free next week on the Epic Games Store

I know that most of our readers hate the Epic Games Store, however Epic is doing a great job by offering some great free games. And next week, the team will be offering Ubisoft’s For Honor and Remedy’s Alan Wake for free to everyone.

From today and until August 2nd, Epic Games is offering Moonlighter and This War of Mine for free to all PC gamers.

Ubisoft’s For Honor is an online brawler (though it also features a simple single-player campaign), however I’m pretty sure that the Epic Games Store version will allow gamers to play against those that already own the game on UPLAY.

As for Alan Wake… well… this is a single-player game you really need to play. Alan Wake is easily the second-best Remedy game (of course nothing can top Max Payne) and it’s a must-play experience, especially now that it will be offered for free. Seriously, this kind of free games are what Epic needs in order to attract more gamers.

Have fun everyone!