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Focus Home Interactive issues official statement about Limestone Games and Aeon Must Die!

Focus Home Interactive released yesterday the debut trailer for Aeon Must Die!. However, it appears that most of the Limestone’s developers have quit the studio due to crunch and lack of payments. And, since this caught the eye of the media, Focus Home Interactive decided to issue an official statement about this whole situation.

As Focus Home Interactive stated, the grievances are directed at the CEO of Limestone, and not at Focus Home Interactive. The publisher will look into these allegations, and then take all appropriate measures.

Now what’s really interesting here is that according to some leaked documents, Focus was aware of this whole situation.

So yeah, things may not be what they seem. Still, we are not sure whether Focus will form another team in order to finish this game, or whether it will cancel it and cut its ties with Limestone.

In the game’s debut trailer, Focus claimed that the game will come out on the PC in 2021.