Fnatic ‘aLive’ is the champion of IPL4’s StarCraft 2 Tournament

You know what, I’ve never been a huge fan of eSports. But then I started watching some fighting games and was uterly amazed by their skills. I mean, seriously now, how can you not be impressed when you watch in action Daigo or Tokido with his infamous Akuma pose? And then, I gave a go to Starcraft 2 and boy was I hooked on it. IGN held its ProLeague Season 4 in Vegas this weekend and if you missed it, then… well there are no words to describe what you’ve missed.
We should note that along its own tournament, IPL4 held GOMTV’s Global StarCraft Team League finals in Saturday. In GOMTV’s finals, it was Prime against StarTale. StarTale had the advantage of 2-1 when MarineKingPrime stepped in. After an awkward disconnection issue (that occured during MarineKing’s game with Startale’s PartinG), the game was reset and MarineKing came up victorious. After that match, MarineKing nailed all of his opponents and Prime won the big price.
Quite frankly, I was expecting MarineKing to be the grand champion in IGN’s ProLeague too, however he was defeated by both Squirtle and aLive. Although Squirtle looked in great shape, the winner of IPL4 was Fnatic’s aLive. aLive has managed to make it to the finals via the Winners bracket, while Squirtle has made it via the Losers bracket. aLive defeated the GSL super tournament champion Polt, the two times MLG champion Marine King Prime and NesTea.
Coming from the Losers bracket, Squirtle had to win two rounds of three wins to become the champion of IPL4. Squirtle managed to get the first round (2-3) but it seems that he got fatigued, as in the next round aLive nailed him with a 3-0. And as a result of that, aLive became the new champion of IPL, winning $40,000 for his victory.