FlatOut 3’s CEO wanted to send the police to an individual who used his name on Metacritic

Oh boy, I don’t know which is worse. That someone used Ronnie Nelis name to post a user review in Metacritic or that Nelis wanted to send the police to him? Long story short, an individual trolled FlatOut 3’s Metacritic page and posted a user review by using the name of Team 6 Studios’ CEO. Ronnie Nelis found out about it, contacted Metacritic and the review was removed. So far, so good. What followed afterwards, though, caught us off guard.
In a shocking turn of events, Nelis stated that this peson was just another one that was trying to make Team6 look bad and that it was ‘too bad they don’t have his IP yet so the police can pay him a visit’. Wait what? The police? Seriously now?
Before jumping to early conclusions, Nelis had every right to contact Metacritic and have them remove this fraud review. It was the right thing to do. But wanting to send the police over such a thing? That’s just, wrong and sad. Nelis didn’t use any kind of emoticon at the end of his sentence, or anything at all, to indicate whether he was being sarcastic. In other words, he was dead serious about it.
In other news, Nelis promised new features to FlatOut3, as well as more free DLC content for it!