Dungeons of Dredmor – New Updated Released

Gaslamp Games released a new update for their amazing indie RPG, Dungeons of Dredmor. In addition, the game comes with a 50% discount and is currently priced at only 1.99 euros. This is like stealing so go ahead and get it guys, you won’t regret it. The new update comes with lots of fixes and you can view its entire changelog bellow. As always, it will be auto-downloaded next time you start the Steam client.
Dungeons of Dredmor Update Changelog:
– FIXED: n-dimensional lathe was, in fact, a giant game-crashing exploding bomb
– FIXED: wandcrafting recipes being lost after load/save
– FIXED: crafting tool output not displaying
– FIXED: some crossbows not working [RotDG]
– FIXED: some mittens not working [RotDG]
– FIXED: Axe of Dinglenit was worth 0 zorkmids [RotDG]
– FIXED: Gloriously Regal Belt using description from Bullet Belt
– FIXED: That blasted lever room will only show up once per level. It was getting to be a bit of an issue.
– FIXED: “Cat Ears” helmet was using the wrong art [RotDG]
– FIXED: “Runes” showing up in gem transmutation
– FIXED: Diggle plague just being all kinds of nasty
– FIXED: Chest/helm tooltips switched on character panel
– FIXED: Skills that give primary stats, wouldn’t give the correct stats
– FIXED: Mustache Fighting League room would fill with infinite mustaches
– FIXED: very rarely, scripts would spawn an entire horde of monsters off of the bottom of the map.
– FIXED: tutorials showing up twice
– FIXED: took out more broken tutorials
– FIXED: game crashing at start new game screen on Mac OS X 10.5.8.
– FIXED: Heal-over-Time (HoT) effects being resisted (Fairywodger; Knit Tissue; etc.)
– FIXED: Mysterious portal crashes. [RotDG]
– FIXED: Steam achievements now trigger for expansion skills.
– FIXED: mods will now correctly load rooms.xml and text.xml
– FIXED: last skills in modded-in-skill-tree would crash the game
– FIXED: the amazing exponentially-multiplying Diggle Egg Stacking bug.
– Minor tweaks, balances, etc.
– Corrupted Shrines are now mildly more interesting.
– Better decor on Diggle God Shrines. [RotDG]
Dungeons of Dredmor Trailer #5