SoulCalibur 6 Ivy

First Soul Calibur VI nude mod released for all male and female, custom or original, characters

Modder ‘Sakura4’ has released the first proper nude mod for SoulCalibur 6. While an earlier mod allowed players to create custom naked characters, it did not have any affect on the original cast. However, this nude mod can be used for both custom and original characters, and there are currently separate versions for male and female characters.

According to the modder, this mod will allow you to play as a nude character that will be only visible to yourself. This basically means that other players when playing online will not see your character naked. However, and as we’ve always stated regarding mods in online games, we strongly suggest disabling it and using it only in offline mode.

As always, we won’t allow any links to the direct pages. However, it’s really easy finding it. All you have to do is enable the NSFW option from your NexusMods control panel (you need to be logged in) and head over to the mod section page of Soul Calibur 6.

Now I can already imagine the comments this article will have but take a close look at the header image (which is the official costume for Ivy in SoulCalibur 6). It’s obvious that Bandai Namco has deliberately designed most of the female characters in this way so a nude mod was bound to happen. As for us reporting on such a thing… well… at least it’s not another Denuvo article, right? Right?