The First Mods for Killer Instinct Are Just Around the Corner

When Microsoft introduced its UWP apps, a lot of gamers claimed that it was impossible to mod UWP games. Well, guess again everyone. From the looks of it, the first Killer Instinct mods are just around the corner, proving that UWP apps are moddable.

Killer Instinct’s member ‘Beterthnyu‘ has successfully extracted the game’s music, characters and levels, and is currently working on replacing the meshes.

“I have been able to now extract all sound files from the paks, decrypt them, and then convert them over to mp3. So now I can just listen to all of them in Itunes, which is cool.

Now that all character sounds and stages music are taken care of, time to move on to meshes…..”

Beterthnyu aims to replace Aganos’ flower with something else as a test. If that goes well, the modder will replace Orchid’s model with the oneĀ from Killer Instinct 2.

Beterthnyu has also experimented with the game’s effects, and claimed to be able to adjust the global lighting and post effects.

“Ok, got something changing so far. Can adjust the global lighting and post effects. Going to fix the terrible lighting a little here in a minute.”

All in all, mods are coming to Killer Instinct, so it will be interesting to see Iron Galaxy’s stance on this, and whether they will allow people to mod its game.