First Metal Gear Survive mods enable minimap everywhere, disable the annoying Radio warnings

Konami has been criticized by a lot of players and critics for its gameplay decisions in Metal Gear Survive. One of them that annoyed players was the removal of the in-game minimap in areas that were covered by fog. And as you may have guessed, a mod was released to enable the minimap in those areas.

Created by modder ‘Rubim’, the Minimap mod for Metal Gear Survive enables minimap everywhere. Furthermore, Rubim has also released another mod that completely disables the annoying radio warnings.

We are pretty sure that some Metal Gear Survive owners will find these mods really helpful. You can download the “Minimap” mod from here and the “Disable Radio Warnings” mod from here.

Metal Gear Survive┬áright now suffers from really slow pacing issues during its first hours so we are really curious to see whether modders will be able to further improve the game’s overall gaming experience.

Have fun!