Final Fantasy XV will run with no problems on four-year old PC systems

In an interview with PCGamer, Hajime Tabata stated that the PC version of Final Fantasy XV will run with no problems on older PC systems. While Tabata did not reveal the settings with which owners of older systems will be able to play, he did say that a three or four-year old PC.

As Tabata said when asked about it:

“PCs that are up to spec similar to the current generation of consoles will have no problem. That’s probably talking about a three of four-year old PC with no problem at all.”

Square Enix has partnered with NVIDIA in order to bring Final Fantasy XV on the PC and although it has not determined the minimum PC specs for it, Tabata claimed that they will try to lower the game’s system requirements even more.

“Obviously we’ll try and expand even below that and see how far down we can take it and make it still playable. That’s obviously something we need to take a little more time to work out exactly how far we can go.”

Final Fantasy XV is currently planned for an early 2018 release on the PC!