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Final Fantasy IX Remaster Moguri Mod 8.0.1 released, fixes almost all visual glitches

Modder ‘snouz’ has released a brand new version of the Final Fantasy IX fan remaster project, Moguri. This latest version fixes almost all visual glitches and redraws of all layer edges (which are more than 11000).

Moreover, it packs ceaner and sharper graphics, as well as better and cleaner lighting. The modder has updated over 7000 assets, so that’s a huge update for this fan remaster mod.

Version 8.0.1 also features seamless scrolling skies & backgrounds, and removes the ‘staircase’ edges. The modder has also fixed several bugs from the Steam & PSX versions.

According to the changelog, this new version of Moguri comes with new HD textures for battles, the world map, NPCs and backgrounds. Additionally, snouz has manually redrawn some parts.

In case you weren’t aware of, Final Fantasy IX Remaster Moguri is a total revamp of the PC version using AI techniques. This mod overhauls the game’s visuals, and includes a custom implementation of Memoria Mod, offering more options over the original game.

In short, this is a must-have mod for all Final Fantasy IX fans out there.

You can download Final Fantasy IX Remaster Moguri Mod 8.0.1 from here.

Have fun!