Fear Effect Reinvented temp

Fear Effect Reinvented re-emerges with a brand new gameplay trailer

Back in 2017, we informed you about Fear Effect Reinvented. Fear Effect Reinvented was meant to be a remake of the first Fear Effect game. And now, after five whole years, ForeverEntertainment released a brand new gameplay trailer for it.

Fear Effect Reinvented will be a third-person action-adventure game. According to the team, it will be a true-to-the-original remake of the first game, refreshed with improved graphics and controls.

The game will expand the original story to three separate campaigns. Players will be able to assume the roles of Hana Tsu-Vachel, Royce Glas, or Jakob “Deke” Decourt and unravel all secrets of demonic conspiracy.

Fear Effect Reinvented promises will have cover-based battle system and survival horror elements. Players will collect items, solve puzzles and manage their inventory to beat three difficulty modes.

Enjoy the trailer and stay tuned for more!