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Far Cry Remake Demo Mod for Crysis available for download

Far Cry fans, here is something for you today. Modder Flowgroover released FarCrysis X; a fan remake of the first Far Cry game in Crysis. This first version of FarCrysis X features three maps/environments and eight weapons.

Going into more details, the maps that Flowgroover and Derril have recreated in Crysis are Training, Fort and Pier. The eight weapons available in this mod are Machete, Desert Eagle, P90, M4, Sniper, M249, G36 (not placed) and G4 (temporary, not placed).

The modder may add some new levels and weapons at a later date. Moreover, he may also bring some gameplay tweaks and enhancements in later versions.

You can download this Far Cry Remake Mod for Crysis from here.

Have fun!