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Far Cry 6 suffers from major CPU single-threaded issues

Ubisoft has lifted the embargo for Far Cry 6’s streams and VODs (videos on demand). As such, we’ve decided to share the game’s built-in benchmark. However, and as you will see in the video, it appears that Far Cry 6 suffers from major CPU single-threaded issues.

For capturing this video, we used an Intel i9 9900K with 16GB of DDR4 at 3600Mhz and NVIDIA’s RTX 3080. We also used Windows 10 64-bit, the GeForce 472.12 driver. Additionally, we’ve included MSI Afterburner which will give you an idea of the in-game performance.

Now as you can see in the video, one CPU thread/core is being maxed out constantly. While the game can use some additional threads, it relies heavily on one single thread. What this basically means is that you will encounter major performance issues, even on high-end PC systems.

Far Cry 6 – PC Ray Tracing Benchmarks – 1080p/1440p/4K – NVIDIA RTX3080

Far Cry 6 - PC Ray Tracing Benchmarks - 1080p/1440p/4K - NVIDIA RTX3080

Due to these single-threaded issues, we were bottlenecked by our CPU at both 1080p/Ultra and 1440p/Ultra. Yes, you read that right. At 1440p/Ultra we were CPU-bound (and not GPU-bound). And while an Intel Core i9 9900K can get constant 60fps, it’s impossible to even come close to a 120fps experience, even at 1080p.

Nick, who is currently reviewing the game, also encountered major CPU performance issues on his system. And while he is using an older Intel CPU (Intel Core i7 3930K), his CPU utilization was averaging around 40%.

“Maybe it’s just me, but Far Cry 6 doesn’t run as well as I’d hoped. I barely can maintain 60 FPS at 1440p on my older Intel CPU but new RTX 3070. That is on Medium settings only. This is unfortunate. I’ve got the latest nVidia drivers. I’m just surprised at how I can’t break 60 FPS on my machine…given that the game doesn’t look all that much better than Far Cry 5.

I was very shocked to see only 40% CPU utilization and even only 60% GPU utilization and I don’t think it has ever gone over this so far… I guess that explains why the FPS is so low…my hardware isn’t be utilized like it should be.”

We’ll talk more about the game’s overall performance in our upcoming PC Performance Analysis. Still, it’s really disappointing witnessing such CPU optimization issues. Far Cry 6 uses the DX12 API. Thus, we were hoping that this low-level API would help address its CPU single-threaded issues. However, that’s not the case here. Ultimately, and similarly to most previous Far Cry games, Far Cry 6 is still suffering from CPU single-threaded issues.

Stay tuned for more!