Far Cry 3 Redux mod available for download, overhauls & improves various gameplay features

Far Cry fans, here is something for you today. Modder ‘Hunter’ has released version 1.0 of Far Cry 3 Redux; an immersion focused project that aims to overhaul various aspects of Far Cry 3. This mod is similar to the Redux project that was released for Far Cry 2 (though it obviously changes/improves/overhauls different features).

Going into more details, Far Cry 3 Redux disables  auto reload , improves weapon model FOV, slightly rebalances crafting, improves weapon range and ballistics, replaces minimap with a simplified compass, removes all world icons for extra immersion, removes the crouch icon and blinking objects, adds more weapon attachments, adjusts store prices, removes or simplifies many unnecessary button prompts, adds camo outfits and removes the blur effect from distant islands.

The end result promises to be a more realistic take on Far Cry 3, which is something that may interest a number of gamers. Moreover, and thanks to these changes, Far Cry 3 will play a bit differently for all those that want to replay it (so it’s actually really cool using it for your second playthrough).

Unfortunately the modder did not provide any video that showcases these new changes/improvements so there is nothing more to share. Still, we suggest downloading it from here.

Have fun!