classic Unreal intro screenshot

Demo for Unreal Gold port in GZDoom Engine is now available for download

Let me start this article by saying that I really don’t know why someone has decided to port the classic Unreal game into the GZDoom Engine. I mean, GZDoom is not THAT advanced compared to Unreal Engine so I don’t really know what is happening here. Still, I find it really cool witnessing a 1:1 port of Unreal in a completely different engine, which is why I decided to share it with you.

Modder ‘dbdarius1’ has released a demo of his Unreal Gold port in GZDoom Engine so that everyone can download and test it. This demo features the Vortex 2 map and lets you test some weapons, mechanics, atmosphere, items and more.

The modder aims to port the entire game from Unreal Engine to GZDoom Engine. This means that all enemies (and their original 3D models), textures and levels will be ported to GZDoom Engine. Moreover, this port will feature full gameplay and combat mechanics, meaning that it won’t be just a map pack like other recreations/remakes.

I’m not sure whether Epic Games will send him a Cease and Desist letter so I strongly suggest downloading this demo while you still can.

The good news is that this GZDoom Engine port feels exactly the same with the original Unreal Engine version. Everything appears to be the way I remember so all purists out there will find this port quite interesting. Again, and since it looks so similar to the original version, I don’t know why the game was ported to this engine. Perhaps the GZDoom Engine port will feature some QoS (Quality of Service) improvements and better compatibility with modern hardware/operating systems?

Anyway, those interested can go ahead and download the demo from here.

Have fun!