Fans remake Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 on the PC in Unity Engine, public demo available for download

Gistix, a team of dedicated Sonic fans, has been working on a fan-made PC remake of the 2006 version of the Sonic the Hedgehog game. This version of Sonic 06 is powered by the Unity Engine and the team has just released a public demo for it.

As always, we strongly suggest downloading as soon as possible. Even though this is based on a commercial title, and given SEGA’s track record, we don’t expect to see the big Japanese publisher taking this fan-made Sonic port down. It’s really well known how friendly to mods and recreations SEGA actually is.

Sonic 06 is a platform game with action-adventure elements that primarily allows the player to use Sonic, Shadow and Silver across several stages.

Those interested can download Sonic 06 PC from Mega and Google Drive.

Have fun!

Sonic The Hedgehog - Demo Release