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Fans are working on a Star Wars: Jedi Academy multiplayer game in Unreal Engine 4, prototype available for download

It appears that a group of Star Wars fans is currently working on a Star Wars: Jedi Academy multiplayer game in Unreal Engine 4. Do note that this game is still in an early development stage. Still, the team released a new dev build that you can download and play right now. So yeah, while this is a prototype, it’s a really cool project.

All you have to do is join its Discord server, head over at “vertex-news” and download the launcher. Once you’ve downloaded, the launcher will download the latest build to where it is installed.

In its latest development build, the team has changed the movement physics to match JK2/JKA much more accurately – both on the ground and in the air. This should make the combat much less unpredictable. Furthermore, the team added swing delays and players cannot target other players through walls. The team has also simplified the hit detection for consistency and added optional camera shake when getting hit. Moreover, there are now placeholder animations for stun/stagger, and players now have the ability to dodge (left/right/back).

Alongside this new dev build, the team also released a brand new gameplay trailer. As such, we suggest watching it if you want to get an idea of what this project is all about (but don’t want to download it).

The good news here is that the prototype does not feature a lot of Star Wars references. Make no mistake, this feels like a Jedi Academy multiplayer game. However, there is only a “generic” level with some “hooded dudes” that are fighting with some “glowing swords”.  So yeah, this fan Star Wars game appears to be safe from EA’s and Disney’s wrath.


Vertex Gameplay - Version