Fallout New Empiria is a new mod for Fallout 4 that adds two new world spaces, new interiors & more

Modders ‘Mathew1800’ and ‘thisisnamelesst’ have released a new version of their Fallout New Empiria mod for Fallout 4. Fallout New Empiria promises to add two new worldspaces, plenty of new interiors, seven vendors, two possible player homes, a companion and plenty of secrets/eastereggs.

New Empiria is said to be a large city found buried in the sand dunes of Western Australia and in order to visit the city, players can get a boat from croup manor’s dock or alternatively type “COC DocksEmpiria” into the console.

“Following the great resource wars Europe was left in utter chaos. Many fled the ruins to find somewhere new to live despite the devastation that would soon ensue. Many citizens fled to the lands of the British commonwealth. Australia, welcomed these citizens in a bid to build a fighting populace should the eyes of China turn to them. New Empiria was built to house these refugees (funded by the remnants of the British elite who fled long before Europe was left in ruins).

When the bombs finally fell New Empiria was buried under a sky of sand which, through the immense heat, turned to glass. Centuries later the Western part of the city (which was not buried under sand) was repopulated by wondering Australian survivors. However lurking in the Deep city ruins are hoards of frenzied fanatics that impose a threat to the new settlers.”

Do note that this unofficial expansion is still in early phase, meaning that players cannot built settlements in the new world spaces with the mod Conquest. If you attempt to turn a campsite into a settlement there your game will crash. Furthermore, there are no quests yet however a plot has already been thought out.

“In the finished version of the mod the sole survivor will sign up to work as a private detective to investigate a series of murders across the city. In the investigation the sole survivor will unravel a plot involving the new settlers, the commonwealth remnants and a fanatical cult calling themselves “the buried”. Through the sole survivor’s investigation, they will encounter difficult decisions as different factions struggle for power over the city.”

Those interested can download the mod from here.