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Fallout 76 Update 21 is now available, is 50GB on Microsoft Store, full release notes

Bethesda has announced that Update 21 for Fallout 76 is now available on all platforms. According to the team, the Steam update is around 2.4GB in size, whereas the Bethesda update is 4.7GB. However, the Microsoft Store Update is… wait for it… almost 50GB in size (49.6GB to be more precise).

Fallout 76 Update 21 adds the new Fortifying ATLAS community challenges, the Meat Weak Seasonal Event. It also introduces a new event, A Colossal Problem, which will be live in the coming weeks. Moreover, it comes with a number of fixes and improvements.

Going into more details, implements an additional fix to address remaining edge cases where Daily and Weekly Challenges could complete themselves automatically. It also fixes multiple animation issues affecting the Screaming Eagle skin for the Handmade Rifle.

Additionally, this patch fixes an exploit resulting from reviving another player under certain circumstances. It also fixes an exploit allowing Bows to fire much faster than intended.

Fallout 76 Update 21 also addresses an issue that could cause client performance issues when attempting to stack many C.A.M.P. objects in a small space. Not only that, but it fixes a number of crashes. For instance, it fixes an issue that could result in a server crash when loading an exterior cell. It also resolves an issue that could cause a server crash when loading a Workshop.

As always, Steam, Bethesda and Microsoft Store will download this patch the next time you launch their clients. You can also find the complete changelog for this update here.