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Fallout 76 Nuka-Cola edition helmet is being recalled

Gamestop‘s exclusive Nuka-Cola edition power armor helmet, is being recalled due to mold. Yes, you read right, mold.  These 150$ helmets can be dangerous to your health. If any of you own this particular helmet, you should immediately remove it from your home and contact Gamestop right away. Gamestop is already getting in contact with customers to resolve the issue.

A helmet that helps you survive the wasteland, actually harms you. “It just woks”! Man..Bethesda is on a row. I know this is probably not their fault, but still, it’s their trademark. They had a bumpy couple of years, haven’t they?

Fallout 76 Helmet Recalled! HAZARDOUS to your Health!

Bethesda is yet to make any comments on the situation. I hope nothing serious has happened and everyone who owns the specific helmet is A-Okay!

Thanks AJ & PCGamer.

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