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Fallout 76 hackers can now steal all of your inventory items on public servers

It appears that a new hack has appeared for Fallout 76 that allows hackers to completely steal your inventory items on public servers. And since there is no fix for this hack yet, players should currently avoid playing the game on public servers.

Going into more details, hackers can now steal your weapons and armor, and any other inventory items. However, your caps, scrip, access to various locations and stash box/scrap box items are safe from them.

According to the Fallout 76 sub-reddit, the stealing is done through a “remote” hack. This merely requires the hacker to be in your vicinity (within render distance). Do note that this hack can happen in any public server. On the other hand, person-to-person trading is still safe.

“Since there is no way of knowing what player is using the hack, the only way to avoid it, is to not play on a public server. If you or friends of yours have a Fallout 1st subscription, you might want to stick to playing on a private server for a while. If you do play on a public server, it might be beneficial to store your best weapons and armor.”

Unfortunately, there is no ETA on when a fix for this hack will come out.

What’s really crucial to note here is that there is no way of knowing what player is using the hack. At least for now. In other words, Bethesda may not be able to resolve this hack any time soon. Of course we hope the team proves us wrong, however, things are not looking great for it.

As such, the only way to be safe, at least for now, is by playing in private servers. Guess that Fallout 1st subscription now has a purpose, right?

But anyway, if you do get your items stolen, you should report it to Bethesda.

Stay tuned for more!