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Fallout 76 does not feature FOV slider or support 16:10/21:9 monitors, game speed tied to framerate

The PC beta for Fallout 76 has been launched and things are not looking good for PC gamers. According to reports, the game does not feature any FOV slider and there isn’t any way that you can increase or decrease it via its config files. And since Bethesda has announced that the game will not support mods, we may not see a FOV slider anytime soon.

Furthermore, it appears that the game speed is tied to the framerate. While PC gamers can unlock the framerate via the configuration .INI file, however the game speed will increase and will make the game feel weird and unnatural (I could use the word unplayable but it’s not really).

Fallout 76 also appears to support only 16:9 monitors. While players can force ultrawide screen aspect ratios (16:10 and 21:9) via the configuration file, they will completely break some UI (the UI will go off screen). So yeah, if you have an ultrawide screen monitor you won’t be able to take advantage of it (so say hello to black bars).

Bethesda has also messed up the game’s launcher. According to reports, the launcher has been deleting the game and players have to re-download it. Bethesda is currently investigating this issue.

Bethesda has announced that it will be extending the beta phase for everyone on Thursday, November 1, 2pm to 11pm ET.

Here is hoping that Bethesda will address these issues in the final version of the game (after all, that’s what betas are for… right?).