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Fallout 4 mod adds dynamic lights that cast realistic dynamic shadows in exterior places

Modder ‘raidenfrank’ has released a new mod for Fallout 4, aiming to overhaul the lights and shadows. This mod, titled Fallout4 Dynamic Lights and Shadows Overhaul, removes some orginal “fake” light sources, add more dynamic lights that cast more realistic dynamic shadows, resulting in more natural and realistic visuals.

Going into more details, this mod adds some dynamic light sources in some Exterior scenes (Quincy Ruins and Trinity Tower). Since these are Exterior places, the performance hit is said to be pretty big so we strongly suggest testing this mod only if you have a really powerful machine.

According to the modder, this mod is still in a pre-alpha phase. Still, there is a lot of potential here as there hasn’t been any other mod that adds dynamic light sources in Fallout 4’s exterior places (for interiors, on the other hand, we’ve seen some mods that are already doing a terrific job).

In order to showcase some of the dynamic lights and shadows, raidenfrank released the following screenshots. Those interested can also download the mod from here.