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Fallout 4 Hardcore Rebalance mod overhauls combat, improves NPC combat AI, removes bullet sponges

Modder ‘Gromdal’ has released a new mod for Fallout 4. According to its description, the Hardcore Rebalance mod aims to make Fallout 4’s combat a lot better by removing things that break balance for both NPCs and the player.

This mod removes bullet sponges at high levels by reducing HP gained by levels to half that of vanilla Fallout 4 (for both the player and NPCs), improves NPC combat AI and rebalances weapons.

It’s also worth noting that the Fallout 4 Hardcore Rebalance mod makes it more likely you get legendary weapon drops. It also removes IWIN buttons for the player and the legendary effects that destroyed any enemy (even if they had thousands of hp) has been removed and replaced with flat damage bonuses. Alot of useless legendary effects have also been replaced.

The aforementioned changes bring legendary items more in line with how unique weapons functioned in Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas.

The short damage buff for legendary enemies has been removed, legendary armor bonuses have been reduced for things like sentinel, players now can take normal damage while in VATS and Stimpaks take longer to heal (30 seconds) and cannot be stacked on top of themselves.

Those interested can download Fallout 4 Hardcore Rebalance mod from here.