Fallen Aces feature

Fallen Aces is a new crime noir first-person shooter

New Blood Interactive has announced a new crime noir first-person shooter, Fallen Aces. According to the team, this new FPS will play right out of the ’90s and look right out of the comics. In short, the game will feature cel-shaded graphics.

In order to celebrate this announcement, New Blood Interactive released the following trailer. Furthermore, you can find the game’s key features below.

  • A gritty crime noir saga: spanning three episodes and dozens of levels, featuring fully voiced hand drawn comic cutscenes
  • The world is your weapon: use your fists, knives, pipes, trash cans, pistols, Tommy guns and more to take back Switchblade City
  • Non linear level design: Choose your path, use stealth, go loud or try a mixture of both
  • Hand drawn: 100% original art by Trey Powell brings Switchblade City to life
  • Live orchestral OST: Real keys, real brass, real strings. Time to tune up the band, boys!
  • Fuggedaboutit!: Hundreds of lines of authentic period era gangster dialogue injects personality into Fallen Aces


New Blood Presents... "Fallen Aces" (Reveal Trailer)