Fail to the king baby: Aliennoire is nothing more than a Prey 2 fan-site

Prey 2
A few days ago, Bethesda confirmed that they weren’t behind the Aliennoire Prey 2 website that teased a possible reveal/announcement of this ‘cancelled’ title. The website had a countdown timer and everyone was hoping that Bethesda would unveil its plans for this game, today. Well, it seems that Aliennoire was nothing more than a Prey 2 fan-site and the timer was for the launch of it. Yeap, no Prey 2 for you guys.
Although this website is currently down (bet that all those angry Prey 2 fans decided to take it down by all means… it seems that it’s back online now though), we have the statement that was revealed the moment the timer ended.
“A couple of months ago, some Prey 2 fans hungry for news and concerned for Prey’s legacy, set about creating a place fans could gather to show support for the next chapter in this exciting series.

We posted a countdown to the formal launch hoping a few diehard fans might take notice. We were surprised and overwhelmed by the response, with 50,000 hits in the first 48 hours!

Prey 2 means a lot to many people. While we’re not an official site, we hope our efforts to research and include all known Prey 2 material will show the depth and value this game experience can offer to fans old and new. Who wouldn’t want to play an open-world first-person shooter as a bounty hunter in an alien-noire setting? We hope others feel the same way and drop by to show their support for the game.”

Fail to the king baby. And there you have it everyone, no Prey 2 news, no Prey 2 reveal, no Prey 2 announecment. Let’s move on now, shall we?