F1 2015 Will Receive A DirectX 12 Patch In The Future

Back in January, we informed you about Codemasters’ EGO Engine 4.0 supporting Microsoft’s new API, DirectX 12. And today, Codemasters’ Lozzy confirmed that F1 2015 will receive a DX12 patch in the future.

F1 2015 DX12

According to Codemasters, the F1 2015 engine is Codemasters’ first to target the eighth generation of consoles and PC’s with a new engine architecture designed from scratch to distribute the games workload across many cores making it a great candidate for DX12 and utilise the processing power of high end PC’s.

This DX12 will add Raster Ordered Views (AVSM and Decal Blending) and Conservative Rasterization (Voxel based ray tracing) in the game, thus offering an even greater realism to the F1 world.

Kudos to our reader ‘Clockhappy’ for bringing this to our attention.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!