F1 2011 – More Details Revealed; Driving aids whilst racing online will carry weight penalties

We are pretty sure that Codemasters will reveal lots of details about their 2011 version of F1 at this year’s GamesCom but Steve Hood, the game’s Chief Designer, decided to go ahead and share some new information via his Twitter account. According to Steve, co-op championships will only be available online rather than via split-screen and the career mode will be five seasons rather than seven.
What’s more interesting however is that there will be online penalties for all those that use driving aids. What this basically means is that TC and ABS will carry weight penalties for experienced drivers and the penalty goes up with rank. Steve said that this decision was not made to penalise players using assists, but to demotivate/equal good players using assists to be even faster.
Last but not least, Steve revealed that he’d love to include classic driver helmets – although it’s a license minefield – and that there might be downloadable content after the game’s release.
F1 2011 is scheduled for release later this year on X360, PC and PS3.