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Existing mods won’t likely work in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Last week, Bioware claimed that it has been in touch with the modding community regarding Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. However, it appears that things are not looking that great. According to Mgamerz, owner of and the lead developer of the Mass Effect Trilogy editor toolset ME3Explorer, most existing mods will not work in this upcoming remaster trilogy.

As Mgamerz explained:

“To be clear, when I say ‘existing mods’, I mean package file based mods, which is the majority of mods. Anything that ends in .pcc, .upk, .u, .sfm are package files, and are what comprise of the majority of each game.

Our files are tied to certain engine versions of BioWare’s fork of Unreal Engine 3. On top of this, each game in the trilogy is on a different build of Unreal Engine 3 with more and more BioWare changes on top, and that spans 5 years of engine development by Epic Games as well. Unless BioWare changes absolutely nothing in their game, things will not work.

Complicating matters is that while our modding tools have improved greatly recently, many mods were built with older, buggier tools, and it is more a bug that they actually work in the game, rather than them actually being properly supported. Many of my older mods even have issues, but the game somehow still works with them.”

So yeah, most of the existing mods for the classic Mass Effect game won’t likely be compatible with the remaster. This may obviously disappoint some gamers. As Mgamerz said, PC gamers should be reasonable with their modding expectations about the Legendary Edition.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition releases on May 14th!