Exciting Times – Saints Row 2-3-IV – Modding Tools Coming Soon

Saints Row IV v2
Okay, I’m officially excited about Saints Row IV. Idol Ninja Games, a gaming blog that seems dedicated to the Saints Row series, has just confirmed that Volition will be releasing some mod tools for Saints Row 2, The Third and IV. This confirmation comes straight from Jeff Thompson, the Studio Director of Programming at Volition, meaning that it is the real deal; mods are coming to Saints Row.
As Idol Ninja Games wrote:
“Jeff Thompson, the Studio Director of Programming at Volition, is putting together a package for us containing documentation, file formats, tools, and more on the Saints Row: The Third engine. Myself, Minimaul, and gibbed will be working closely with Jeff over the coming months to use this information to create a robust set of modding tools to supplement our existing ones and creating what is essentially a full sdk for the game!”
According to Idol Ninja Games, this will be a ‘test run’ for Saints Row IV, meaning that the final game may come with an SDK. And if it does not, it’s almost a given at this point that it will get one at a later date.
So, what can PC gamers expect from this SDK? Well the answer is simple: more guns, more NPCs, new missions, new vehicles, new worlds, total conversions, etc.
No ETA has been given as of yet, but we’re really looking forward to see what modders will come up with once those mod tools get out!