Evolve Will Offer You The Ability To Play Offline

2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios have revealed that their upcoming squad-based multi-player game, Evolve, will feature an offline mode. Turtle Rock Studios has also released a video, showing how gamers can enable this particular mode.

As Turtle Rock Studios’ Chris Ashton claimed:

“Playing Evolve competitively, against other players online, can be a lot of pressure. We wanted to make sure anyone could play the whole game, including Evacuation, alone with or against the AI and it’s still fun.”

Naturally, this means that the gameplay experience will be similar to the one found in Left4Dead; a game that was also playable in offline mode.

Ashton added:

“Rather than splitting our focus and crafting a different version of Evolve for solo, we focused on making sure that the solo game would stay true to what Evolve was always meant to be. In our minds, even if a bot is driving the Monster or the Hunters, it’s still the same great game.”

Enjoy and kudos to our reader ‘Dhanyel 1911’ for bringing this to our attention!

Evolve Tutorial –– How to Play Offline