Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture Dev: PC Performance Wasn’t Hindered For Parity Reasons, Investigating Reports

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture has just been released on the PC and it appears that a lot of gamers are facing performance issues with it. We can confirm that the game on its max settings it’s really demanding as it runs with 60-70fps on our GTX980Ti. However, these performance issues frustrated some users who claimed that The Chinese Room hindered performance on the PC after the publisher forcing the development team to make the game look less appealing on the PC than on the PS4.

The Chinese Room’s Misterfooks stepped in and addressed those claims, stating that such a thing would not make sense at all.

“To suggest we’d *intentionally* hinder performance on PC and damage our reputation is preposterous. To say that our publisher paid us to do so doesn’t even make sense (and it’s borderline defamatory, but let’s not even go there).”

As Misterfooks stated, the game’s PC requirements are meant for running the game with 50-60fps on Medium settings. In other words, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 or an AMD Radeon HD 7970 should be enough for Medium settings.

“During development, we ran extensive compatibility testing to establish minimum & recommended specs (and to make sure the game ran as smoothly as possible on as many configs as possible).

The results of said testing showed that the game ran at an average of 55-60FPS on “Medium” settings on the recommended hardware. Obviously, everyone’s hardware is different and results will vary.”

Misterfooks suggested PC gamers to lower Object Details in case they’re facing performance issues.

“One thing to try if you’re running the game on “Very High” is to go to the Advanced graphical options and lower the “Object Details” from “Very High” to “High” – it is by far the most demanding setting in CryEngine.”

Misterfooks also claimed that The Chinese Room is currently investigating all reports regarding the game’s performance, and will implement various performance tweaks via future patches.

“Hi again all,

Saying that we messed up the performance on purpose, or by not caring enough is simply not true and is, frankly, hurtful as well as counterproductive.

We are saddened to hear that you are having these issues and will do our best to address them.”