EverQuest Goes Free to Play This March

Following the example of, pretty much every other MMO, Sony’s legendary EverQuest will be free-to-play this March. When it launched in 1997, EverQuest redefined the online game landscape, introducing the concepts of raiding and guilds within an immersive 3D environment. Since its launch, EQ has maintained its loyal fanbase with 18 expansions and countless content updates.

With the move to free-to-play, players will continue to enjoy the EQ experience they know and love, only now they have the power to choose a model that caters to their play style. Through the new free-to-play model, players will have the options of non-recurring vs. recurring subscriptions, Free vs. Silver memberships, item unlockers, and many more.

Additionally, all players (both old and new) will be given brand new items via a ‘Welcome Pack.’