Epic Mickey 2 is coming to the PC

Okay guys, this is not a joke. Epic Mickey 2 is coming to the PC. Yeap, we are not joking and that was revealed in the Paris conference that took place today, by both Disney and Junction Point Studios. In that very same conference, it was confirmed that the title will hit streets on September 26th in Europe for Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. We don’t know whether the PC version will be delayed or not. Hopefully we’ll get an official announcement about the PC version in the coming days, so stay tuned for more.
Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two returns Mickey Mouse and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit to Wasteland, an alternate world filled with 80 years of forgotten Disney characters and theme park attractions. But for the first time, Mickey and Oswald will join forces as true partners – Mickey with his magical paint brush that allows him to wield paint and thinner, and Oswald with his powerful remote control that allows him to command electricity. This new co-op play further enhances the idea that “PlayStyle Matters” – a unique approach to gameplay pioneered by Warren Spector where players dynamically tackle different challenges in order to explore all possibilities and storylines, but with consequences for their chosen actions.
Staying true to Disney’s rich musical heritage, Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is the first video game that can be described as a “musical.” At many points throughout the adventure, characters will advance the plot by expressing themselves in song, with all-original music and lyrics. In addition to this distinctive musical approach to storytelling, players will hear tunes and instrumentation that change based on their personal choices, ultimately allowing each player to “conduct” their own unique soundtrack. Disney Interactive has enlisted the help of Emmy award-winning composer James Dooley and noted lyricist Mike Himelstein to create these musical gameplay elements.
The magic of Disney will not only resonate through the game’s musical numbers, but also through the introduction of authentic Disney Character Voices talent who provide player direction through genuine character dialogue. In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, all characters—most notably Oswald The Lucky Rabbit whose voice will be heard for the first time—will communicate by speaking to the player.