Epic Games is focussing now on the PC as their primary development platform

Epic Games and PC gaming… it’s funny putting these two sentences together. We all know that Epic Games abandoned those that made them what they are today but it seems that something has changed. Yes, do you feel the wind of change? Well if you don’t, let us tell that Epic Games is again focussing on the PC as their primary development platform. Oh yeah baby!
Speaking with Eurogamer, Epic’s president Mike Capps said:
“It’s nice to target the PC as a primary platform again and not just for ports.”
This could either mean that we might get a PC exclusive – perhaps similar to the Samaritan tech demo – or that the company’s multiplatform games will be developed with the PC as the primary platform.
Capps has also revealed that Epic is now working on five brand new games.
So good news today for PC gamers and lets hope that Epic Games won’t pull any ‘Unreal Tournament 3’ this time around!