Elite IV is currently in early development

Here is some exciting news for all Elite fans out there. Elite IV, the latest part of the legendary space trading game, is in early development. Yeap, you read that right. Frontier’s boss David Braben, confirmed that the studio is developing the game, although he didn’t want to reveal any more details.
Speaking with Eurogamer, David Braben said:
“We’re not announcing anything yet. I’m not giving a timescale because that constitutes an announcement. If you announce an announcement, that’s an announcement. The trouble is, I get a lot of people saying, oh you really need to announce it now, and why are you doing x, y, z, a, b, c?
But it has to be right. It has to be the right thing. You have to have the right people on it. It’s all a question of balance.
It’s happening, very slowly.”
So we don’t know whether Elite IV will come this generation or the next. But still, it’s good to know that it’s already in development.