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Elite: Dangerous – Wings Content Update 1.2 Releases Later Today, Changelog Revealed

Frontier Developments announced today that the Wings Content Update for Elite: Dangerous (that will update its version to 1.2) will release later today, and has unveiled its complete changelog. According to the company, this update will be deployed in the next two hours, and will introduce Wings functionality and AI Groups. In addition, this update will pack Stability fixes, as well as various Tweaks and Fixes. You can view a portion of its huge changelog below.

Elite: Dangerous – Wings Content Update 1.2 Changelog:

New Content/Features:

– Wings functionality added
– Added playable ship:Fer-de-Lance
– Added playable ship: Vulture
– Comms interface overhaul
– Added AI Groups
– Added ability to reboot destroyed sub systems (modules)
– Flyable debug camera with limited range added (CTRL+ALT+SPACE)

Stability Fixes:

– Fix issue in low level animation code
– Prevent crash trying to get kinematic outputs from non live ships when spawning limpet debris
– Prevent crash when shadow lights are being shut down
– Fix crash in beam weapons
– Fix a crash when trying to create asteroids in transition locations
– Prevent crash on Anaconda creation with damage regions not correctly initialised
– Fix for asteroid ring soft-lock
– Fix for unreleased dynamic material set on shutdown
– Crash dereferencing an invalid interface on shutdown fixed
– Fix for crash on entering WOLFPACK TACTICS and SUPPLY STRIKE tutorials
– Prevent crash when there is a null surface for a planet
– Fix for game crashing whenever we mouse-over an AFM in outfitting

Tweaks & Fixes:

– Don’t create ambient AIs unless there’s a player in range to see them
– Added some depth and detail to the engine throats on the station engine module
– Asteroid CPU improvements. Removed unused aabb and its update
– Fix schematic for High Metal Content No Atmosphere planets
– Adjusted the draw distance slightly on the text for station external names so that they don’t switch on/off as abruptly
– Make sure that the local polity is updated if a player slow boats between jurisdictions
– Increase distance the system map camera can be zoomed out
– Two new headlook controls added: a sensitivity slider and a “don’t centre when I turn headlook off” option
– Brought back fuel usage gauge
– When a large ship tries to dock at a station with no large enough pads, tell the player why they’re refused
– Fixed fuel scoop and gauges panel heat level to be in sync
– Fixed: Letters cut off on the right hand side panel under statistics
– Optimise cargo replication
– Better checks for limpets against shield states
– Fix for looping ammo bar if it’s initialised to 50%
– Fix decals on Python
– Show docked players on sensors
– When players try to move their ship and the engines are off (/broken/etc) give a warning message
– Fix for AI not scooping up mined chunks if they’d previously been in combat and their combat target was still set
– Interdiction can no longer spam fines if the thing you’re interdicting isn’t in a state to be interdicted (hyperspacing out for example)
– Galactic map jump data cargo mass slider – uses fractional cargo tonnage fixed
– If you have no cargo racks, you are able to cause your galaxy map jump range to become -1.0 fooling the route planner fixed
– Remove a spurious “Is Critical” flag from docking computer modules, you can no longer kill a ship by tickling one with a laser
– Fix decals from popping when in outfitting menu
– Added new light cone renderer
– Fix paintjobs to apply to cockpit model making them visible from inside the player ship
– Fix for distant rocks being missing from some metallic rings
– The Hull indicators for the French language cockpit is out of alignment compared to other languages fixed
– The characters used for localised ‘units’ in Russian were missing in our numeral font fixed
– Updated icons for station to be used in SuperCruise
– Self destruct now has a timer, during which your ship will overheat violently and have no power
– Fix FSDInterictor being a critical module
– FrameShiftDrive no longer a critical module as rebooting can repair it
– Turning a powering module off now correctly causes it to produce no power
– Fix non-localised strings in the cartographics window
– Fix the Python HitLayout for modules
– New community Goals Reward tier GUI bar is displaying incorrectly fixed
– Fix the issue of chatter not being called during the abandon branch of collect illegal slave missions
– Add a special text string for stars which are less than 1 million years old, rather than displaying ‘0 million years’
– Repeating SFX when long distance route planner failed fixed
– Scrolling a in community goal in the transactions tab generates excessive GUI sounds fixed
– Lowered the military interdiction a tiny amount to be the same as the police archetype
– Hide credits balance on galaxy map until we know what the value is
– Fix for the ‘hazy’ lighting bug in the adder cockpit
– Fix issue with ending interdiction (when immediately being re-interdicted) without enemy
– Reduce amount of system requests for the Cartography store
– Report when a player has not found any bodies in a discovery ping
– Added comms chat lines for transport and VIP scenarios
– Make sure AI pilots maintain their skill levels when their authority is transferred
– Fixed vouchers being styled as community missions in the transactions panel (they were white, when they should have been orange)
– Balance pass on extraction sites, better variety and increased respawn delay
– Tweaks to the nav and target highlights to makes them less pronounced then the nav and target selections
– Balance pass on repair costs
– Tweaked the overheating HUD animations to look less naffy
– HUD Ring weapon indicators will now use an ellipsis character to indicate that a label is being truncated
– Check if player has bought a paintjob while in outfitting and refresh list if needed
– Add mass to point defense turrets
– Changed location schematics to grey/white. Updated the supercruise sensor object target colour to match
– If the player is not wanted, but is carrying illegal cargo we should show the player in the local legal status area of the cockpit GUI
– Fix for planet ring sorting in system map
– Avoid mapping rocky ice worlds as water worlds
– If the collecting the cargo that we have targeted is illegal, say so in the target panel in the cockpit
– Strip out the odd blue colouring of the minor proximity colour on supercruise radar. Colours are now Orange by default, red for danger-close, blue for targeted
– Update to the repair discount based on faction reputation: Now only kicks in at 80% (allied) reputation, Reduced from 40%(ish) to 10%
– Let the player get much closer to the event horizon of a black hole
– Modify the strength multiplier of the black hole effects
– Various text fixes
– Removed the trailing particles from the chaff launcher and optimised FX
– Add system state modifiers to AI ambient traffic generation
– AI capital ships: don’t spawn all fighters in response to first threat
– Make sure the cockpit spark effects trigger from module heat damage even when at 100% hull
– Fix the data in the alpha centauri system
– Added some warnings for consequences when changing modules (For example jump range has been massively reduced)
– Increased visibility of lines rendered in Galaxy map – in particular the orange plotted route
– Fixed some missing polys on the undersides of cranes
– Fixed offset mining laser beam
– Show the player a warning if they are changing power distributor and that power distributor does not have an engines capacitor large enough to facilitate boosting
– Fixed ‘Activate cargo scanner’ message remaining after you’ve successfully cargo scanned a ship
– Fixed supersampling issues with schematics
– Fixed hardpoint doors on the Python – these now open independently for Outfitting
– Fix incorrect allocation of influence from assasination mission
– Fix some odd NPC behaviour in stations
– Sidewinder seen grinding sideways into an outpost docking pad fixed
– AI should use lasers and projectiles based on target status, not range
– Don’t lose the next system in a planned route when not arriving from hyperspace and the jump distance is over 20Ly. Next route destination wiull be reselected on each cruise transition unless the player already has a startup target
– Add a keybinding to select the next route destination
– Fix metal rich and high metal content planet descriptions
– Rename some backer stars and stations
– Added missing string for oxygen atmosphere type
– Fix i’m-inside-a-station schematic not updating colour
– The target name text on the cockpit target panel was getting cut-off in a couple of instances. The textfield now has a second line available
– Typo in the Cemiess system in the galaxy map fixed
– Update to AI ambient traffic, to increase wing chances and make Anarchies more dangerous
– Change WCM Transfer Orbital to Leonard Nimoy Station
– Fix Pantaa prayer sticks description
– Fix formatting in Silver description
– Changed minor faction name to Movement for V1688 Aquilae Independence
– Adjust station orbit for Stone’s Legacy so you don’t have to chase it to dock
– Fixed a flickering icon can be seen over your target when locking destinations
– Better catching of broken low level network messages
– Flat rate for fines now that cargo marking is in
– Balanced Type 7 schematic texture to make it not so bright
– Reworded text channel options header to be clearer
– Python now has comms panel focus for chat
– Fixed the heatsink material on the large pulse laser to glow, as they were using the incorrect shader type before
– Ensured the empire capital ship’s weapons are unaffected by chaff
– Fix ship repair reporting mismatches
– Balance pass on ship repair values
– Fix that stops the small gimballed beam laser from tracking extremely lazily
– Add ‘arrival point’ line to station pop-up on system map, giving distance (in light-seconds) from the largest star in the system
– Fix slavery missions to have correct text and function correctly
– Fix broken federal assassination mission
– Added icons for ‘point defence turret’ and ‘mining laser’
– Fix influence rewards on some collect missions
– Fix issue where kills against orcas in assassination missions were not counting
– Fix problem of being unable to sell some stolen goods on the black market
– Stop gimbals and other weapons paying any attention to turret mode settings, it causes bad things
– Add friend/wing location markers to System/Galaxy map
– Added friend, wing, mission and stored ship icons to the galaxy map
– Remove limit on number of factions shown on mission summary panel
– Add missing backer station
– Fixed flickering icon can be seen over your target when locking destinations
– Fixed large weapon gimbals being orientated backwards, causing guns to fire offset to their orientation
– Adjusted tri-mesh hitcheck to give more clearance so that the small RailGun can now fire when fitted to a Type6
– Fix NPCs created by following wakes/interdictions not replicating their bounties
– Adding valuable salvage convoys to three permitted systems: LFT 509, Isinor, Witch’s Reach
– Fix system schematic showing briefly after collecting cargo
– Fix for incorrect text string on slave missions

Audio Change Log


– Fer De Lance Audio.
– Vulture Audio
– Sounds for “masslock”, “safe to disengage” and “slowdown” GUI alerts.
– Audio added for “FSD Cool-down” GUI animation.
– Audio for reboot-sequence.
– New heat indicator audio warnings.
– Specific new impact sounds for Cannons, Railguns and PlasmaAccelerator impacts.
– New Ship voice lines for enabling/disabling thrusters, self destruct and ship reboot.
– Upgraded audio engine (Wwise) to the latest version.

Fixes and changes:

– We have spend a lot of our time on performance related fixes and updates for this patch. Thank you commanders for helping us find them and we’re still hunting so please keep the feedback coming!
– Added a missing sound to scanners.
– Fixed some missing audio in the station gui.
– Fixed a positional bug that reduced the volume on the docking clamp.
– Rebuilt the station force-field audio from the ground up to minimise the wild inconsistencies caused by speed and ship differences. This also helps with clipping on some set ups.
– Finished transitioning the Docking Bay lifts to the new animation system, which should bring back some of the missing low end layers experienced in 1.1.
– Update to station voice attenuation and reverb which fixes station voice being inaudible at some docking bays. Rebalanced the dry announcer voice and distant echoes so the station feels larger.
– Addressed rogue low frequency drones from the station reverb that was causing clipping sub-bass tones when lots of activity is present.
– Adjusted the reverb/volume balance of super-cruise engines and music, to reduce the sense that music or engines drop out entirely in favour of the other. Some emphasis remains to keep the mix clean.
– D-scanner no longer mutes all audio when used. Instead it dips the volume of other sounds gently and un-dips quicker after use.
– Switching lights on or off sounds less mechanical.
– Supercruise from hyperspace music take lead over fuel scooping ambiences & engine sound.
– Fuel scoop mix improvements.
– Removed high end noise and some (not all) low end tube like distortion from menu’s.
– Addressed low end noises in the system map.
– Made voice-comms more intelligible. Lessening of the distortion, and the way the players voice ducks incoming voices.
– Voice-comms volume slider in audio options uses a different curve to be more responsive at lower settings.
– Multi-cannon reloads are more audible.


– Numerous optimisations to audio systems, to reduce numbers of audio emitters and voice count, especially in busy scenes. Should improve audio engine performance without diminishing quality.
– Optimisations pass for all types of space station modules, Capital Ships, Outpost modules, landing pads, debris, fuel scoop, supercruise, alarms, heat, weapons, ships and frost.