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Elite: Dangerous – Update 1.1 Released

Frontier Developments has launched Elite: Dangerous 1.1 free for all players. According to the press release, this first major Elite: Dangerous update expands the core game with new Community Goals, graphical enhancements and localization for French, German and Russian.

Community Goals unite players with a shared objective, allowing the entire Elite: Dangerous community to participate in major new story events, supplying the construction of new capital ships and working together to reshape the boundaries of human-controlled space. Players will collaborate to help build new starports in undeveloped systems, giving all players a new launch pad for exploration of the galaxy.

Community Goals can be played in Multiplayer, Solo or Private Group modes, with all players contributing to the outcome of the objective and impacting Elite: Dangerous’ shared, connected galaxy.

Update 1.1 extends route planning to 1,000 light years and enhances the appearance of planets throughout Elite: Dangerous’ full-scale recreation of the Milky Way. The dark sides of populated worlds can now be seen illuminated by city lights and the cloudy atmospheres of gas giants have been given greater depth and richness.

In order to celebrate this release, Frontier has released a set of screenshots and a trailer from this new update that can be viewed below.

Those interested can purchase Elite: Dangerous from its official website.



1.1 update - release trailer