Warriors Orochi 4 is coming to the PC in 2018

KOEI Tecmo has launched the official website for Warriors Orochi 4, revealing that this new game will be coming to the PC – via Steam – in 2018. The official website has also unveiled some additional details about this new Warriors Orochi game.

Warriors Orochi 4 will feature more than 170 characters to choose from, and heroes gather from the “Samurai Warriors” and “Dynasty Warriors” universes.

In Warriors Orochi 4, players will have to find eight ‘bracelets’ that possess great power in order to return the world back to normal. Moreover, it appears that Zeus is behind this new crisis, though his motives are still unknown.

The game will also feature “Sacred Treasures” that will be empowered by a miraculous power,  enabling characters to evoke Magic attacks.

We expect KOEI Tecmo to reveal more details and the first screenshots soon, so stay tuned for more!