Egosoft announces X4: FOUNDATIONS

Egosoft has announced the sequel to its X series, X4: FOUNDATIONS. In X4: FOUNDATIONS, players will be able to manage an empire or explore space in first person. Players can fly every ship, trade and fight to build their empire with modular station construction and think carefully when embarking on an epic journey.

As said, players can fly every ship from the cockpit or an external view, from small scouts over a wide range of ship classes up to the biggest carrier. Additionally some drones and utility vehicles in X4: FOUNDATIONS can be remotely controlled by the player.

According to its description, a big focus in the development of X4: FOUNDATIONS has been to achieve a seamless and immersive experience when moving between ships. You can leave a ship, climb down a ladder, walk over the dock of a large space station into another ship you may have parked there and replace the pilot that was working for you just by clicking on his chair.

In X4: FOUNDATIONS, it will be possible to be completely free and creative. Stations can be constructed from a variety of modules, be it production modules, living sections, docks or many other types of parts. The powerful new map system promises to allow players to drag and connect modules using a connection system to design your own unique creations. Ships will also offer a variety of upgrades. Engines, weapons and other equipment can be added in a graphical editor and actually seen on the ship.

X4: FOUNDATIONS will be the first X game to allow its races and factions to freely build and expand their empires; the same flexibility the player enjoys in creatively designing space stations from modular building blocks is also available to them. Races expand their empire based on supply and demand, which leads to an extremely dynamic universe where every action the player makes can influence the course of the entire universe.

In order to celebrate this announcement, Egosoft has released the debut trailer for X4: FOUNDATIONS that can be viewed below!

X4 Announcement Trailer XCON 2017