E3 2013 Game Awards – PC Is The Clear Winner This Year

E3 2013
Now this is a bit ironic. PC was not marketed in this year’s E3, yet it was the one that gathered most of the events’ awards. Okay, that does not make sense so let’s rephrase it. The platform with the most awarded games in this year’s E3 was the PC, making it the clear winner of E3 2013. What was that? PC gaming is dead you say? Apparently it’s not. Hey, didn’t you get the memo?
The big winner of E3 2013 was definitely Titanfall as Respawn’s title has managed to win six awards. Moreover, the most hated publisher was able to prove that it can still offer triple-A titles that most gamers won’t want to miss. And if that’s not the case… well… it won eight awards.
Here are the detailed winners of E3 2013.
All hail PC gaming!
Winner Breakdown By # of Wins
Six Wins:
One Win:
Fantasia: Music Evolved
Need for Speed: Rivals
NHL 14
Oculus Rift
The Elder Scrolls Online
Total War: Rome II
Watch Dogs
Publisher Breakdown
Eight Wins:
Electronic Arts
One Win:
Bethesda Softworks
Disney Interactive
Sony Computer Entertainment
Supergiant Games
Oculus VR
Platform Breakdown By # Of Wins
(Notes: Multiplatform games are counted in all appropriate platform tallies. Information based on announced platforms for each game as of 7/1/2013)
PC: 11 (+4 from 2012; Same as 2011)
Xbox One: 10 (new)
Xbox 360: 10 (-2 from 2012; -4 from 2011)
PS4: 4 (new)
PS3: 3 (-12 from 2012; -6 from 2011)
Wii-U: 1 (same as 2012)
PSVita: 1 (same as 2012)