Dustforce gets a new Update that offers improved performance and Steam Cloud support

Hitbox Team has released a new update for their indie 2D sweep-’em-up platformer, Dustforce. This update comes with improved performance for multi-core CPUs, as well as Steam Cloud support and some other bug fixes and performance improvements and will be auto-downloaded next time you star the Steam client. You can view its entire changelog after the jump.
Dustforce boasts over 50 levels varying in difficulty from elegant exploration to intense challenges for even the most hardcore players, and it also offers an online leaderboard where you can instantly watch replays of every players’ best attempts. Four-player local multiplayer will also be included with game modes like “King Of The Hill” and “Dust Rush” for loads of addicting dust-cleaning fun.
Dustforce Update Changelog:
-Added Steam Cloud support.
-Performance improvements on multi-core CPUs.
-Fixed crash when finishing a level in offline mode.
-Fixed bug that could cause performance to degrade over time.
-Other bug fixes and performance improvements.
Dustforce Official Trailer - Available on Steam