Drakensang Online hits five million players

Bigpoint’s Drakensang Online continues its impressive run with more than 5 million players signing up since the official launch of the open beta version of the game in August 2011. Not only have the player figures increased over the past few months, but the development team in Berlin has also significantly expanded the size of the game environment by doubling the total game content. Numerous new areas, a plethora of new monsters and three times as many quests now await courageous heroes.
Bernd Beyreuther, Head of Game Production for Bigpoint Berlin said:
“Our massive and rapidly-growing world provides gamers with a one-of-a-kind MMO experience for PVE and PVP modes, that is state-of-the-art within the browser game sector and beyond. The more than five million registered gamers are not only an impressive affirmation of the excellent work we have put in over the past months, but also serve to further motivate us to continue to develop Drakensang Online for our global community.”
The new areas in Drakensang Online include the Norselands and the Loxley Caverns. Furthermore, players have been able to choose from a third archetype, the Ranger, for their quests in the Drakensang Online world of Duria. The number of skills each player has at their disposal to equip their characters with has also doubled. If that were not enough, countless new types of armor, weapons and gems, as well as new pets like the Dragonspawn, Fairies and Phoenix, have been added. Rounding out the expansions are the guild system, a teleportation feature, the crafting feature and various PvP modes. In addition, players can look forward to a brand new talent tree in late April for each character class.
Drakensang Online is available to play in open beta in more than 20 languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Polish on the official website.