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Dragon’s Dogma 2 runs significantly better now on PC, with way fewer stutters in big cities

A couple of days ago, Capcom released the first post-launch update for Dragon’s Dogma 2. And, alongside its image improvements to DLSS Super Resolution, this patch also improved overall performance on PC.

For our tests, we used an AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D, 32GB of DDR5 at 6000Mhz, and NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 4090. I also used Windows 10 64-bit, and the GeForce 551.86 driver. Moreover, I’ve disabled the second CCD on our 7950X3D.

In Vernworth, perhaps the biggest city of the game, DD2 has way fewer stutters than before. Seriously, just take a look at the following video.

Now I’m not saying that the game is stutter-free. However, it no longer has those major constant stutters in Vernworth. Smaller cities run even better than this. And, as you may have guessed, outside of towns the game becomes GPU-bound and does not suffer from any CPU stutters.

In the video, I also showcased the DLSS 3 Frame Generation Mod. By using it, we managed to get over 100fps at 1440p/Max Settings/Ray Tracing on an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090. In case you’re wondering, I’m using the Quality Ray Tracing Mod which comes with a pretty big performance hit. I’m also forcing DLAA via the NVIDIA Inspector Tool (so that’s the performance with DLAA and not with DLSS Quality Mode).

It’s also worth noting that we aren’t the only ones that witness this improved performance. A lot of users on Steam, Reddit, NeoGAF and Resetera have shared similar results. So no, that’s not a placebo effect. The game runs better than its launch version. At least on PC. Oh, and you won’t longer have to use this trick to get a smooth gaming experience.

However, the fact that DD2 now runs better on the PC does not mean that it has lower CPU requirements. Oh no. The game will still need a beefy CPU in order to hit high framerates. Still, you can now get a pretty smooth experience at around 90% of your playthrough.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 came out last week and modders have immediately improved a lot of things. For instance, you can get a mod that improves its mouse camera movement. Another mod adds a cool lock-on combat mechanic. Then we have the Save Manager Mod which is a must-have mod. This mod allows you to start a new game, create multiple characters, and have an unlimited number of save files for each character. Let’s also not forget this mod that improves the quality of Ray Tracing, and reduces its smearing side effects. Finally, you can download the DLSS 3 Frame Generation Mod, as well as its first 4K Texture Packs.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

Dragon's Dogma 2 - March 29th Patch - CPU Performance - DLSS 3 Mod - AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D