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Armored Core 6 Co-Op Mod Available for Download

Modder ‘LukeYui’ has released a new cool co-op mod for FromSoftware’s latest title, Armored Core 6. As its name implies, this mod adds unofficial online co-operative multiplayer functionalities to the game.

Going into more details, the modder has re-implemented world synchronization between clients from the ground up to attempt to make it feel like a traditional souls multiplayer game.

Right now, the mod allows up to six players to play together. Moreover, almost all of the main missions support this co-op mode. The only mission that’s not compatible with it is the Ice Worm mission. According to the modder, this mission will work in a future version of the co-op mod.

Because the original game didn’t come with a co-op mode, there’s no built-in way for enemies to adjust based on how many players there are. So, to fix this, LukeYui added a bit more health and armor to enemies for each extra player. As such, the game will offer a bit of a challenge.

But what about the game’s default PVP mode? Well, the amount of rogue ACs that can disturb your mission is equal to the number of co-op players you have. However, there is a limit of 6 total players per game. So, if you are playing with one or two friends. you’ll get invaded by two rogue enemies. On the other hand, if you have a full party of six players, there won’t be any rogue AC.

Just so you know, using this mod won’t get you banned. LukeYui created a custom file that you have to open separately to play with the mod. When you use this file, it doesn’t start the game’s anti-cheat system or connect to the official matchmaking servers. So, you’re good to go.

You can go ahead and download the mod from this link.

Have fun!

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