Dragonball Unreal – DBZ fan game in Unreal Engine 4 – New demo is now available for download

UPDATE February 19th, 2017: New demo is available from here.

YouTube’s ’emudshit’ has released an updated demo for Dragonball Unreal. As its title suggests, this is a fan-made Dragonball game in Unreal Engine 4. This new demo features a number of improvements and tweaks, and a special demo will also be released to a select few.

Those interested can download the demo from here.

Here is the list of changes for this new demo for Dragonball Unreal:

  • kameha and spiritbomb explode when shooting the ground
  • water has been fixed “SPLASHES AT CORRECT HEIGHT AND AREA”
  • all menus no longer have any bugs
  • gokus kameha in base now works normally
  • fixed kameha not launching when using keyboard
  • fixed only shoots ki blasts on keyboard
  • fixed all characters can smash through rocks
  • fixed gogeta flying movement
  • small texture update
  • fixed gogeta holds his pose for a few seconds after launching bigbangkameha attack
  • fixed selecting freemode sometimes causes server error and takes you to random menu
  • added controler in-game menu
  • added selecting free mode selects a random map and loads it up
  • fixed gokus pants when doing fusion
  • fixed goku stoping spirirbombs = explosion
  • spirit bomb now explodes 15 seconds after release unless doing a Ki counter
  • ki blasts now explode after 3 seconds
  • added a new transformation
  • player can now transform in air
  • fixed kameha position when on ground using base goku


New demo is available from here.