Dragon Fin Soup – JRPG with Roguelike Mechanics – Gets A Steam Greenlight Campaign

You know what? I find it really funny that the PC platform is getting more JRPGs than current and next gen consoles. Grimm Bros today announced the launch of Steam Greenlight campaign for its upcoming debut PC title, Dragon Fin Soup. Dragon Fin Soup is described as a charming hybrid tactical action RPG with roguelike elements, and is set in a world inspired by fairytales and classic JRPG’s.

Grimm Bros CEO Ash Monif said:

“With accessible controls and brilliant visuals, Dragon Fin Soup will appeal to core gamers looking for a rich, tactical experience and RPG fans who love dark, twisted tales. Typically turn based games can be slow and discontinuous, however in Dragon Fin Soup movement, combat and controls have been streamlined to empower you to set your own pace.”

Set in a beautiful, high-resolution World, Dragon Fin Soup features deep RPG mechanics, tactical decision making, turn-based but action oriented controls and serves the player with witty humor and deeply flawed characters, complete with original stories, crafting, fishing, gathering, pets and many other fun features.

Dragon Fin Soup will feature a Story Mode and a Survival Mode.

Story mode focuses on storytelling, character progression and exploration. Beginning in a country village where players learn the mysteries of the world and encounter a custom blend of scripted events, crafted story quests and procedurally generated missions.

Survival mode, on the other hand, plays like a classic Roguelike and is designed for the thrills and scares that come with exploring the dungeons, permanent death, fighting monsters and surviving to achieve the highest scores.


Dragon Fin Soup Alpha Trailer