Dragon Ball Xenoverse – Villainous Mode Detailed, New Trailer Released

Bandai Namco Games has unveiled a new mode for its upcoming Dragon Ball game, Dragon Ball Xenoverse. The true villains in the game’s story are Towa and Mira, time travelers that changed the way fights turned out. And thanks to her dark demonic powers, Towa managed to get her hands on Frieza, Cell and Kid Buu and transform them onto “Villainous” foes with unprecedented strength.

This “uber” evolution of Goku’s arch-enemies will surely create a challenging situation for players to deal with!

Alongside these terrific transformations, Super C-17 & God Goku will join the already massive cast of legendary characters in Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse looks great, and pack all the original Japanese voice actors from the series (well, excluding those that have passed away).

Dragon Ball Xenoverse is coming to Steam on February 17th.


Dragon Ball Xenoverse - PS3/PS4/X360/XB1/Steam - An Evil Force Rises (Jump Festa '15 Trailer)