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Dragon Ball FighterZ has shipped two million copies, first minor patch now available

Bandai Namco has revealed that Dragon Ball FighterZ has shipped two million copies worldwide. In addition, the company has released a minor patch for its PC version that weights around 2.8GB and fixes one particular issue.

As Bandai Namco claimed, this is the fastest pace for its Dragonball franchise. Do note that this figure includes both digital and retail units.

In order to give you an idea, in its first week Dragon Ball FighterZ was able to surpass Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite and reach the sales of Street Fighter V; two games that have been available on all platforms for quite some time.

Regarding the PC patch, Bandai Namco stated that it fixes a save issue where the title would only save the second most recent change. Now I don’t know why this patch is 2.8GB, however, this patch does not fix the online/matchmaking issues.

As we’ve already reported, Arc System Works is working on fixing the online issues and a new patch will be issued on all platforms in the near future.